Day: May 2, 2014

Week of 5/2

IMG_20140502_224839This week I started the Shaw Challenge, this weekend I plant to finish the script and the storyboard for the Shaw challenge and will plan on starting to film next week. I will try to finish up my two Web series videos, that I have filmed, also. Afterwards I will have two more episodes required for video (will do more than just two), and I will have a final project and a contest to enter, left to do.

Video 2 Project Update

I still have 2 more projects to complete, my news package and my documentary. I believe I have 2 great ideas for each. I will start doing my news package next by starting my pre-production by making my storyboard with dialogue, props, locations and actors needed to make this project a reality. I hope is all goes well and will keep you updated on what I am up to week-by-week. If you are wondering what my news package will be, right now I do have an idea, but I would like to wait on it until I feel I have a solid base of a plot going on before releasing what it will be.

Picture rights:

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