Videomaker Article Review

Read a full-length article from Videomaker magazine. Then create a post for the Rambler Productions blog in response to what you read including the following pieces:


  • Article name, author, and magazine issue
  • Summary of the article
  • What you learned from the article
  • How you can apply what you learned to this class.


You will post your review to the blog ( Remember that this blog is in the public domain and anyone and everyone can read and comment on what you write. With this in mind, please be sure to spell check and proofread your post before publishing it.


Please be sure to adhere to the following protocol for posting on the blog:


  • Title – your post must have a title that accurately reflects the content of your post.
  • Link – you must include a link to the article if it can be found online (most Videomaker articles can be found on the magazine’s website) and you can also link to other relevant web pages concerning your topic.
  • Image – at least one image relevant to the subject of your post. Use proper MLA format to cite the source of the image, unless you created the image yourself.
  • Posted by 5 PM every Friday.


Lastly, remember that you represent not only yourself when you post on our blog but also me, your peers and WHS as a whole.

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