Video Project 1: Montage

Video Project I: Montage

Project Team: Individual

Project Due Dates:

Pre-Production: Storyboard due by the end of class on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 (100 points)

Production: Footage due by the beginning of class on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 (100 points)

Post-Production: Finished product due by the end of class Tuesday, September 22, 2015 (200 points)

Critique due by Thursday, September 24, 2015 (100 points)

Project Synopsis: A montage is simply a sequence of shots that hold greater value when viewed together in succession as a whole. This montage will need to convey a theme. A theme is simply an idea, issue or message common to the entire piece.

Project Detail: Create a video montage of fifteen shots (each shot no longer than 5 seconds) that conveys a specific theme. For example, a student who chooses gardening as a theme may want to create a sequence of shots centered around various plants, gardening tools, flowers, etc. This project will be primarily concerned with the set up of each shot and the ability of the student to use the various shots to fully utilize the space within the frame to create an artful montage. There will be minimal post-production editing for this piece. The finished product will include basic cuts, transitions, and titling.

Students should prepare by thinking about and planning each of their shots ahead of time. Shot blocking will be a factor in the grade. This is done by using a storyboard, which shows the blocking for each shot and must be approved by me prior to filming.

Students will also submit a typed critique of their experience in creating the piece (how they came up with the idea, what they enjoyed, what they found difficult or frustrating, what they learned, and what they would like to attempt to do in the future).

Required Shots/Angles/Movements:

Extreme Close-Up


Medium Shot (Head-to-Toe)

Establishing Shot

Bird’s Eye View (Aerial)

Pan Right

Pan Left

Tilt Up

Tilt Down

Long Shot



Extreme Long Shot

Cowboy Shot

Head Shot

Montage Score Sheet

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