Video Project 4: PSA

Project Team: Individual or partners


Project Due Dates:


  • Pre-Production: Storyboard, shot sequence, Celtx script, cast, locations, props list, etc. are due by the end of class on Friday, December 6. 100 points
  • Production: Footage is due by the end of class on Friday, December 13. 100 points
  • Post-Production: Finished product due by the end of class on Friday, December 20. 200 points
  • Critique: Paper is due by the end of class on Friday, January 3. 100 points


Project Synopsis: For this project you must create a serious Public Service Announcement (PSA). You may choose any topic of relevance to your audience, WHS students. A PSA is a commercial used to convey a message about a particular topic or issue in society, such as drinking, drugs, family time, choices, etc.


Project Detail: Your PSA must be precisely 30 or 60 seconds; deviation in either direction will deduct points from the final grade. You should have a title slide and credits at the end, but they do not count towards your time. This project will be edited with Final Cut, and the final product must be in QuickTime format and on my thumb drive. PSAs must be original ideas, no copying.


This project must demonstrate your knowledge of camera work, audio/sound work, editing, and how to target a specific audience. In addition, you must submit a Celtx script, storyboards and a shot sequence (with video, audio, and time) – these must be cleared with me before you start production. Once production is complete, I expect all group members to aid in the editing process – everyone’s input is vital. I am looking for creative shot selection, audio quality and continuity.


Take it seriously! Recruit good talent! Be creative! And as always, have FUN!


Watch some PSAs to get the thought process going. You can find some on,, youtube, and other places on the Internet.


You will need to write a one-page minimum critique after the project reflecting on what you did, what went well, what was frustrating, what you learned as a result of the project, what you hope to improve upon for the next project, and any future goals you have for your film making. Basically, you need to evaluate your progress as a filmmaker. This must be typed, 12 point size, Times New Roman font, double spaced, and standard one-inch margins.




Required Components:


  • Storyboard
  • Celtx script
  • Shot sequence
  • Cast list
  • Location list
  • Wardrobe and props list
  • 3-point lighting
  • Footage
  • Final 30 or 60 second PSA plus a title slide and end credits.
  • Critique


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