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RAMBLER PRODUCTIONS is a student-run, nonprofit production company that accepts job offers from members of the community. Money derived from these jobs allows Winthrop students to purchase equipment and software otherwise unavailable through the school budget. Our goal is to become self-sufficient while providing students with real world experiences in all aspects of film.

Do you need a video made but don’t want to spend the money on a professional? Taking advantage of the talented students of Rambler Productions will both help the students learn more about the world of video production and save you money.
Rambler Productions can perform a variety of services for you!*

  • VHS to DVD Conversion – Have an old VHS tape with some important footage you want preserved in a more durable format? Have us convert it to a DVD for you! We can even convert mini-VHS tapes from old camcorders.
  • Promotional Video/Commercial – Does your business or non-profit organization need a little extra publicity? A video is an excellent way to reach a wider audience.
  • Live Events** – Does your band have a gig? Your dance group a show? Your theatre troupe a production? We are capable of shooting live events from a maximum of three angles simultaneously, which we will cut together in post-production to create an interesting and engaging final product. We can add chapter selection capability to the final DVD, so longer events with multiple performances are easily navigable.Rambler Productions is well-experienced with live-event productions.
  • Documentaries – Are you the only teacher of a specific form of Martial Arts that you want preserved? Want to make sure the special family recipe is correctly executed for decades to come? Whatever your needs, we have aspiring Ken Burns ready to help you. Creating a documentary is one of the required assignments in the Rambler Productions class so there are always students looking for projects like this.
  • Graphic Design –  Sometimes you need that final touch to make your project just right. Many students in the Rambler Productions program are also talented artists. Rambler Productions has access to such programs as Photoshop CS4 for photo-editing and can create DVD covers, logos, posters, and more.

We shoot on the Canon GL2 and edit on our four Mac Pro towers using Final Cut Pro, Adobe AfterEffects, Soundtrack Pro, and DVD Studio Pro.

Prices are based on individual projects. Our goal is to give a quality product at a reasonable price. This is our way of providing additional funding for the video program here at WHS. Prices start as low as $7.


Rambler Production projects have included:

*All services are subject to student enrollment and availability. Rambler Productions does not guarantee that any particular service will be available.

**If your event involves copyrighted material, we can only film if you have obtained the proper documentation of your rights to have it recorded.


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