Madison Allen: Weekly Update

This weekend I will, finally, be finishing up my Pals documentary filming. Though I have had some problems with it last couple times I went to film, this time I’m confident it will go well. I will also hopefully get all make up work I have for Video Productions done. During next week I will finish the editing of the documentary and finish editing the Grade School Field Day footage, which is my final.

Weekly Update: Madison Allen

On Wednesday, 5/21/14, I finally submitted my video to the Rumor Has It video contest. My video was one minute long and describes the word meddling.


On Friday, 5/23/14, I was heading out with camera to Pals to redo some filming. I had found that the audio from some of my original takes had been horrible. However, before I got the chance to film I was hit by a sudden sickness. Now I am  a week behind where I wanted to be. This up coming weekend I plan to do my Pals filming and maybe the editing for my documentary.


This week I have made some emails with Rosie from the Grade School regarding video footage of last years Relay, and some pictures she can give me.  She has to find them and then give it to me on dropbox.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 11.47.20 AM

Weekly Update

imgres-18 I have completed all of my filming for my news package and I need to start the editing process next. I believe that the filming went off without a hitch, it was fun, and have many bloopers to share that will get a laugh after we get past the seriousness of the video. I had good help from peers and with the help it will come out amazing and can’t wait for people to see it.

Weekly Update: Madison Allen

This week I’ve been working on my next two videos. A documentary on Pals Animal Shelter and a word video contest on meddling. I’m doing my filming for Pals this Sunday and will hopefully start editing it by the end of next week. It will be on how they work with the cats and the adopting process, along with a few stories and things you might not have known about Pals.

Ending scene to my contest video.

Ending scene to my contest video.

Today, I am finishing up my script for both the documentary and the contest. Hopefully, I will start filming my contest video either today or early next week. The deadline for it is in 10 days, and I still have to save plenty of time for editing. The video needs to be one minute long and describe the word Meddling.

What I’m working on this week

Well this week my friends and I are working on the News Report and we are half way done if we do not finish this today then we are going to finish this week and then next weekend I’m going to start my RC Video and there going to be 7 cameras that are going to be running.

weekly report


This week I haven’t filmed yet to add onto my current work of my Relay For Life news package.  Although, I’d like to share this picture of my shirt design for this years relay, because it’s the one that was chosen and everyone going from our teams will have this on their shirt on a dark blue shirt.  I will probably continue filming next week, and hopefully finish filming so that I may be able to edit it with Sebastion.