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Weekly Update: Madison Allen

On Wednesday, 5/21/14, I finally submitted my video to the Rumor Has It video contest. My video was one minute long and describes the word meddling.


On Friday, 5/23/14, I was heading out with camera to Pals to redo some filming. I had found that the audio from some of my original takes had been horrible. However, before I got the chance to film I was hit by a sudden sickness. Now I am  a week behind where I wanted to be. This up coming weekend I plan to do my Pals filming and maybe the editing for my documentary.

What I’m working on this week

Well this week my friends and I are working on the News Report and we are half way done if we do not finish this today then we are going to finish this week and then next weekend I’m going to start my RC Video and there going to be 7 cameras that are going to be running.

Video 2 Project update

imgres-17This week I completed my storyboard for my news package. It is not the conventional news package that Ms. Shaw usually approves and misses some of the guidelines listed, but I was able to convince her to agree to my idea. My idea, without giving to much away, is about a U.F.O sighting and aliens. I’m very glad she accepted the idea and I’m sure I will kill it and do a great job as I always do. I will also have fun doing this as I do with every project.

Stop Motion Video


Author: Ricky Anderson        Published: March 17th, 2014

Zach King has been making excellent Youtube videos for year and decided to purchase 7,000 post it notes to create a Mario stop motion video. There are 24 frames per second, which means it took hours to create this video. He made 5 different Marios to make it look like he is walking and doing different actions. He fell in love with video when he created his first stop motion video and believes they are a great way to learn the basics of video production.
I learned that if you mess up on something when doing a stop motion video then you definitely have to redo it, it can’t just be improvised in editing. Also, when you start a stop motion you have to know exactly how you want to to come out otherwise it may get messed up when filming.
I hope to make a stop motion video someday and I wouldn’t have thought to do some of the things he did. Such as using a dolly to make it look like we’re moving along with the character. Another example is to keep doing it until it’s perfect, because I have a bad habit of stopping when it’s just close enough.
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Best Storage of NAB

G-SPEED STUDIO SYSTEMSo 2014 best storage of NAB award goes to the G Speed Studio They were able to store 24TB with a 660MB transfer rate. The G Speed comes with thunderbolt two connection cables which gives it quick and easy compatible access with daisy chain devises and mac computers. It also comes with a 3 year warranty so if you happen to fill the storage.

This would be useful if I happened to be a producer that was making a lot of videos and need an extra place to store all of it. I could use this if I wanted to make sure all my projects would be backed up on a third party device which is extremely helpful during hard drive crashes.

Air Pro 3

Quality HD Video in an Action Cam With the iON Air Pro 3

Brian Teal

The Air Pro 3 Is amazing and I will tell you why it is because Waterproof to 49 feet in the stock casing so you could bring it anywhere and its and HD camera.  If we had a Air Pro 3 we could bring it games and stick it to poles to get a different angles. Some of the bad thing are Sound quality, Reset button size 323-C5-iON-POV-cam-SECONDARY , No removable battery

“Mounting accessories include a double-faced adhesive which is quite sticky, in order to mount the helmet mount, as well as a CamLOCK which consists of a helmet mount and a removable ball joint nut. Another common mounting option is a small tripod with legs that users can bend to wrap around objects, or to level out the camera on uneven terrains. We found our favorite way of using this mount was to place the iON on top of a soccer ball which provided a good elevation to view the action we were trying to record. We were also able to improvise and use zip ties to mount the iON onto a goal post for goalkeeper views of a soccer game.” 323-C5-iON-POV-cam-PRIMARY

Organized Editing tips


Author: Chris Gates      Published Date: February 13th, 2014

Editing is a huge part of the video making process, and staying organized is a great way to make it easier. the five things you can do to stay organized is keep common assets on hand, back up your video, add metadata, name your clips, and build a file structure. To build a file you structure you put files into files that are in files, labeling them as “Images” or “Audio”. Naming clips can help you find what you’re looking for without going through on clips that have almost the exact same name. Backing everything up is so incase something happens while you’re editing, you don’t wanna lose your data. Keeping your assets on hand can save time from search for them when you need them.

Last time I edited a video I learned to always back up my clips, and since the first time I edited I realized it helps to name my clips. However, I never did build I file structure but I can see how it can be helpful. Adding clips that I use often in all my films to my favorites can help me from wasting time looking for them later.

If I ever have an endless number of clips for one project then I’ll try to build a file structure. I’ll also add hum remover to my favorite and anything else that I end up using a lot.

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Round 2

I got nearly 3/4 of my filming done this last weekend only to find out on the following Monday morning that there was no audio. No useable footage, so now I am forced to go back and do an entire reshoot of the production. Despite not having any footage this has been a good thing. Now I have had more time to think and do some rewrites to make this film easier to shoot. This has been a good thing because unlike most people who are about to start on a project they don’t know what to expect. I know what to expect now while filming this project. This time around the filming will be better and the project will be better as a whole. Also this time I’ll double check the audio


5 Editing Tips


Author: Chuck Peters    Date Published: November 08th, 2013

There are five key points in video editing. Speed, color correction, audio sweetening, pushes and pulls, and stabilization. With audio sweetening you can compress or expand volume level to try reduce hum or add reverb. Speed can be used to create fast or slow motion effects, even reversing footage can make the it seem like time can been turned back. Color correction, even just a little, can improve your clips by boosting mids or honing the highlights. Push and pull refers to not having to struggle with zooming in and out while filming, because now a days we can do that in editing. Stabilization is using video filters to stabilize shaky shot; SmoothCam is the name of that filter in Final Cut Pro and although it sounds nice don’t forget it’ll take hours to process. So next time you go into an editing application don’t just throw everything together take time and see all the amazing things you can do with it.

I was unaware that you can zoom in and out in editing, and still have it look nice, but then again I never looked for it. This article has given me some ideas like reversing video and seeing where it can fit in. I had also never thought of using color correction but i’ll keep that in mind if I’m ever trying to figure out how to do a sunset. In general this article has made me want to look through all the possible things I can do with Final Cut.

Next time in go into editing I’ll try messing around with color correction. I’ve already played with speed and I loved the way it came out. I’ll also continue trying to be better at audio editing. Also, I want to try to figure out how to reverse video because even if I don’t plan on using it it seems like something that might come in handy one day.

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“MAGIX Showcases New Video Editing Software and Music Recommendation Tools at CES 2009.” PRWeb. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Apr. 2014.

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Sports Video

Author: Kyle Cassidy Published: December 2012


Shooting sports video is as exciting as the event that you are filming. However, each sport or venue calls for a different approach. Shooting for one player or team can also change your focus or how the audience views your project.

Typically you should use a type of camera that can film a large scene at a time. Sports field are much larger then a stage or a room in a house, so you should be able to film the whole sports arena in one shot if you have access to a camera that lets you.

Getting an interview with players on the teams is also a great idea when trying to make a sports video. Hearing their side of the story is a great way to connect with the audience and getting both sides is an ever better way to share the game you just filmed.