Video Production II

Welcome to Video Production II. This class operates very much on the honor system and I expect you to be able to motivate yourself to use all class time wisely and productively. Due to the nature of most of your assignments for this class, you will be working independently most of the time. I respect you and only ask for the same in return. This class is very much a give and take environment. I will be giving you plenty of room to work on your own, come up with your own ideas, and be as creative as you want as long as it falls within school guidelines.


Rules and Expectations:


  1. Have fun!
  2. Be on time.
  3. Respect yourself, your classmates, me, and all the expensive equipment you will be using.
  4. Use class time wisely.
  5. Do your best work every day.
  6. Come prepared.
  7. Have fun!


Material for Class:


  1. Notebook/Folder
  2. Pencil for storyboarding, note taking, and jotting down ideas.
  3. A good attitude.

Course Learning Outcomes:


  1. Students will continue to build upon current knowledge in video production to complete more in depth, rigorous projects.
  2. Students will further develop their skills in pre-production, production, and post-production.
  3. Students will utilize various story boarding techniques to pre-plan each project.
  4. Students will create various video projects to demonstrate knowledge of different types of media and the specific audience and target of each.
  5. Students will critique their own work to encourage reflection and growth throughout the course.
  6. Students will be able to incorporate special effects skills learned into their final projects.
  7. Students will become familiar with the Canon XF300 camera and will use it to film various productions throughout the school year for various groups.
  8. Students will learn how to find and submit their own work to at least one contest.




Course Outline:


  • 7-15 Minute Documentary
  • Action Sequence
  • News Package
  • Movie Trailer
  • Final Project of your choosing (must be at least 5-10 minutes long)
  • Critiques of all work
  • Critique of one approved book
  • Weekly reviews of a relevant article from Videomaker magazine (posted to the Rambler Productions blog)
  • Filming or editing of at least one production for various groups.
  • Enter at least one contest

* Other projects will be added as time allows.




Most of the time the only homework you will have is what you cannot complete in class. So using class time wisely will leave you free to do other things. A word of warning though: Even with using class time wisely, you will find that you may need to come in on your own time to edit video. You are free to come in anytime you have free as long as you clear it with me first. Also, I will be available after school until 3 PM most days. There will be sign-up sheets at each computer for you to schedule time.




Grading will be based on the completion of all projects, written critiques for each finished piece, and weekly article reviews.


Finished Project: 200 points

Written Critique: 100 points

Article Review: 25 points

Filming/Editing a Production: 100 points




You are responsible for all video equipment you use. This includes both in school and out. You are allowed to sign out equipment overnight, but it must be returned by 7:45 AM the next morning. Any negligent damage done to equipment in your possession is your responsibility to replace. Please always come to me if something happens. Accidents do happen and I am forgiving.





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