Day: May 9, 2014

Video 2 Project update

imgres-17This week I completed my storyboard for my news package. It is not the conventional news package that Ms. Shaw usually approves and misses some of the guidelines listed, but I was able to convince her to agree to my idea. My idea, without giving to much away, is about a U.F.O sighting and aliens. I’m very glad she accepted the idea and I’m sure I will kill it and do a great job as I always do. I will also have fun doing this as I do with every project.

Weekly Update: Madison Allen

This week I have finished up editing on my stop motion video “War of Deliciousness” which came out great. It is a stop motion video using gummy bears. The video tells a story of gummy bear hatred and how it ultimately led to the murder of many young bears. It was a pain in the butt to make but it came out better then I thought it would. I like stop motion but it’s not that easy to make.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 12.51.02 PM

This weekend I plan to think about think about other projects I should do and what I should do for them. Maybe a zombie flick for my final or for my trailer. I am also still waiting for an email from Jason, whom I hope to do my documentary on. He knows a unique form of martial arts and I think it would be amazing to record.

Weekly Update 2

So, it’s already been another week and it’s time for another weekly update. So this past week a friend and I finally got around to filming  my action sequence. It looked pretty good and everything was running smoothly until…. The battery died and I didn’t bring a charger.

We lost some of our filming because we save it directly to the computer and when the camera died we didn’t get the film. It’s a little bit of a bummer, but we can just redo the shots and continue from there. Well it looks like this is it for this week!IMG_0550

the weekly update

This week , Sebastion, Conrad, and I started filming our news package for Relay for life.  We got a little bit done, but still have a lot to do, I’m going to see about getting footage from Rosie at the Grade school, and getting pictures from Mrs.Cook.  American_Cancer_Society_Relay_For_Life