Day: May 5, 2014

The “Shaw Challenge” Explained

P7030341I have had a number of students ask what the “Shaw Challenge” is, so I thought it best to explain it here instead of repeating myself constantly.

The “Shaw Challenge” is loosely based on the 48 Hour Film Project. This project was originally designed last year for Dom, who was doing an independent study for me. He and I had worked together the summer before on a 48 Hour Film Project for Portland, Maine. He liked the format and the intensity of the shortened time frame, but we knew it was not realistic to complete a short film in 48 hours during the school year. So, the “Shaw Challenge” was born.

The set up is similar. Students blindly draw a genre from a hat (or box, or basket, or whatever I have handy). If they don’t like the genre they draw, they may draw again. BUT, they are stuck with their second draw. They may not decide to go back to their first genre.

Then they are given a character, prop, and line of dialogue that they must use in their short film. I usually draw from past 48 Hour Film Project elements for these, though I do make up my own sometimes too.

Students then have two weeks from the day of their draw to complete a script, film, edit and produce a 4-7 minute short film for the genre they drew and including all required elements.

Dom was my first student to complete the “Shaw Challenge” and you can see his final product here. Jake just started the challenge this weekend. His genre is “Time Travel” and his elements are:

  • Jack or Jamie Weston
  • A large suitcase
  • “Is that the best you’ve got?”

I can’t wait to see what Jake comes up with! Keep watching here for updates!

Weekly update, by: Jamie Banta

I have finished coming up with my idea for my news package, it will be based on Relay For Life, and I’ll probably film it on Thursday.  My ideas for it are to describe what Relay For Life is about, and what we do at the event.  Such as we get 15 hours of community service, we raise money for Cancer, you can get free icecream, etc.  I will be doing the project with someone and we will have a couple other people to be in the video.    The photo below shows some of my Celtx script.


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.19.43 AM

My Weekly Status Update

So, I’ve been planning an action sequence with a medieval theme with an assassin and a guard brawling. I’m planning on expanding off of this and attempting to create a movie. Though I just need the time to film this piece. The fighting scenes will all take place in the woods where there is cover, scenery and it has a good medieval theme in my opinion. 


Picture taken from-

Progress report!

I am planning on making a paper air plane dogfight for my next piece. It’s my action sequence. I am also planning on my trailer.  I’m going to make it seem like an end of the world theme because all of the bacon is gone. Sense all of the bacon is gone that is causing riots and people to find healthier alternatives.  49425511


Like carrots.