Stop Motion Video


Author: Ricky Anderson        Published: March 17th, 2014

Zach King has been making excellent Youtube videos for year and decided to purchase 7,000 post it notes to create a Mario stop motion video. There are 24 frames per second, which means it took hours to create this video. He made 5 different Marios to make it look like he is walking and doing different actions. He fell in love with video when he created his first stop motion video and believes they are a great way to learn the basics of video production.
I learned that if you mess up on something when doing a stop motion video then you definitely have to redo it, it can’t just be improvised in editing. Also, when you start a stop motion you have to know exactly how you want to to come out otherwise it may get messed up when filming.
I hope to make a stop motion video someday and I wouldn’t have thought to do some of the things he did. Such as using a dolly to make it look like we’re moving along with the character. Another example is to keep doing it until it’s perfect, because I have a bad habit of stopping when it’s just close enough.
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