Category: Weekly Progress Report

Contains various updates and progress reports from video students in Rambler Productions.

Week of 3/21

Tried to organize and recover equipment for the program, next week i will try to put out a webcast for I’m not sick anymore. Will try to organize equipment with labels so we have a system to rely on to know what is signed out where, so there shouldn’t be a confusion of where stuff is.

Week of 3/14

Finished critiques for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and my promo video. I’m still waiting for my dad to pick out the select few songs from the video for me to edit further. Will try to do a web cast this weekend, cold, and schedule permitting. If nnot then will try to get 1-2 out before the end of the quarter.

2/14 Update & After Vacation Update (2/24)

Over vacation I planed to work on putting my songs with names for my promo video. Also I planed to think of what I would do my web series over, and what my first edition of the web series. I also planed to try a video in my collection that is also on the AFI’s List. I did most of that, and I have planed to do a web series featuring big builds in minecraft, and to review servers starting with MyFallen. I have all the song names ready to go, and hope to put all the subtitles into the video this week. I didn’t find the movies on the AFI list yet, but there are still movies in my house that I didn’t check yet, I can always go to the library to check them out if needed.

Week of 3/7

I have finished my promotional video, I will be showing it to my dad to see if there are any changes needed to be made, and will write my critique for it this weekend. I will watch Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and write my critique for it, I will also watch Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and write a critique for that movie too. Next Week I plan to hopefully start the Shaw Challenge.