After Effects completes me.

This week I really got into After Effects and was able to explore several cool features. I’ve followed along with some Video Copilot Tutorials and have made good use of the VC products we have purchased. I think I’m beginning to know my way around the software, but there is soooo much it will take a while before I know where everything, much less how to use it well. I think I am to the point however where I can take an idea and, with some work, bring it to fulfillment. This week I worked more on tracking, some keying, and I started going through the effects in AE to see what we had, and what we could potentially do with it


Spencer and I have been working on the documentary for The Putt Putt Syndrome by Allen Cognata. We now have two weeks left until our deadline. I’m stressing out a little. I have forty minutes of roughly cut and organized footage, and Allen is looking for ninety minutes of wonderful professional quality documentary. I want this documentary to be perfect and I’m going insane. 
I’m trying to focus on the impact of the movie on our town and the family-ness of the set… but we have so much footage. It’s hard to find the right clips and put everything together… I want this to be perfect and we’re running out of time. 

Product Poll

I see that people have been voting on the poll, awesome. However, since the majority of you have voted “other” that kind of begs the question, “what is other?” What kind of ideas do you guys have? Please post or comment with your suggestions. Keep in mind, the poll isn’t the sole deciding factor if a purchase is made, it’s just a way of feeling out what video students would find most helpful.

Thanks everybody! Please remember to vote in the @15 contest! We are holding in tenth place right now. Get the word out! Get your friends voting! ANYBODY who is a teen can vote, not just us Winthropians!

Work Work Work.. I’m behind.

See Spencer, some of us are not completely incompetent! We can do titles!

Ok so I am working on my soap, I am having Shaw read it over and I need to finish my storyboard for the soap by this week, and I plan on filming the opening scene with Kiani this Sunday, I am also trying to figure out who can be my character Jane. Any girls out there in WHS who wants play a really weird girl who doesn’t talk alot, talk to me ASAP! I really need my character Jane, I have everyone else casted. I also plan to go talk to Peppers asking if I can film there sometime during vacation/before vacation.


Check out the New Poll!

Spencer has set up a new poll for us all and I hope you take a minute to look it over and vote for your top choice. He has even posted the links to the products below the poll, so you will know what he is talking about. He and I feel these are the highest priorty items for the program, but if you can think of other products that should be considered, please respond to this post with your ideas. Remember this blog is for all of us and we are all here to make the program better and better as time goes on. I want you to get the fullest experience possible.

Now, go forth. Vote in the poll. And keep being creative!


Date for PSA Filming

Pat Flynn and I are working on getting our PSA filmed, After a brief talk, our date is Dec. 15th and then after that we will start working on after affects and touching up. We are at this point looking at a 30 sec commercial, however both the date and length of video may change due to certain circumstances.


hello everyone. i have been working on an idea for my PSA. (any ideas?) I dont get to see many of you because i am always in this back room. (good thing or bad thing idk?) Out back here i have been cranking out TVP’s like it is my job. ( that means i do a lot of them.) I will make my storyboard on comic life and start filming my PSA. That is what i have been doing lately. Have a good One! -tigler <3>

EDIT: Good job on posting, please remember to add a title to your post.

Site Redesign!

After much research into how the heck to code HTML, Shaw and I have successfully rebuilt the site from scratch, adding a third column, quick-edit cabability on posts, a link to the blogger dashboard on the bottom of the site so you can quickly create new posts, and a hit counter. Soon to follow will be the fix for the Rambler Youtube videos on the bottom which keeps displaying “undefined” videos. I’m still experimenting with font colors, trying to find the most easily readable shade, bear with me. Remember, if you have any suggestions for the site, let us know!

Just a few other things I should mention.

1. When you create a new post, make the post title unique. Simply putting “VP1” or “Weekly update” won’t work. Everybody has to do a weekly update, and there are quite a few people in Video 1. If everyone uses the same titles, the archives will get confusing. Try and make your post title reflect what you are working on. Draw the reader in. Thanks!

2. If you come accross any cool videos on the web that you’d like to share with the rest of us, just copy the “embed” code from the video (which is available on most video sites) and paste it directly into your post. BAM, instant watchability.

3. Similarly, if you come across a video contest you think people would be interested in, post a link to it. If it looks good, Shaw or I will add it to the Contest Links on the left-bar.

Thanks everyone! And don’t forget to VOTE!