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hello everyone. i have been working on an idea for my PSA. (any ideas?) I dont get to see many of you because i am always in this back room. (good thing or bad thing idk?) Out back here i have been cranking out TVP’s like it is my job. ( that means i do a lot of them.) I will make my storyboard on comic life and start filming my PSA. That is what i have been doing lately. Have a good One! -tigler <3>

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Hello there!! I am currently working on my PSA. Right now I am looking for some music to add to my PSA will be. The topic will be about the fallen veterans. Not just the ones in the Iraq war, but every war that the U.S. has fought in. I will do a short simulated battle and I will get shot. One of my squad members (Darren Fisher) will drag me to a safe zone and carry me to safety. But sadly I will be dead before I get there. And I will have sad music playing softly in the background and the serious facts and stats will show. Revealing the truth about our fallen soldiers. This is meant to be very serious but at the same time look really cool. And yes it will be dedicated to the fallen troops in memorial of what they have sacrificed for this country. I hope you all will like it!!

Good job, but we can do better!

A round of the [email protected] contest just ended. We came in eighth place with about 130 votes. That’s our best score yet but it still only averages out to about 9 people voting consistently and daily. We can do better. A new voting period starts TODAY. A fresh start. We are tied for second at the time of this writing, lets keep it that way. I estimate that if we can get 30 people to vote daily we WILL win at least third place. Please remember to vote everyday! If you are having trouble voting/signing up, ask someone who is already voting! This voting period ends the 17th.

The money will in the end benefit much of the school as the video production program supports theater and music and Latin and more with the videos we create and sell.  The direct link to the voting page is the far right green button on the nav bar above. Click it everyday!

If you’ve forgotten, the prizes are as follows

$1,500  –  First Place
$1,000  – Second Place
$500  –  Third Place

Let’s shoot for the win!

Today is also the LAST day of voting for the local band FYVE. Be sure to go to and help them go to the schooljam USA finals.

hmmmm :) im in your class

hey shaw I’m in your class right now, um sarah hignett is my partner and she has been sick all this week so we haven’t been able to work together. but before vacation we decided on what we are doing for the psa I am currently finding pictures of iraq war stuff. i have the storyboard pretty much finished. um i have no idea what sarah has done. but yeah… tori:)

All lifes questions shall be answered through I. Baby Jesus.

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