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The Godfather Critique

the-godfather-poster-c12172921I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse . . . The Godfather’s catchphrase that started it all, the horse head in the bed, family deaths, guns taped to the back of toilets, and sleeping with the fishes. Its a very good movie, leaves me wanting to see the next one, as far as I could tell there were no camera mistakes, it was a very well written script, and good acting. I wouldn’t change anything for if you were to change anything if probably wouldn’t be as good. Good effects that get the point across, but don’t over play the point.

Critique of Forrest Gump

forrest_gumpForrest starts by sitting on a bus stop bench waiting for his bus to take him to Jenny’s, while he waits he tells his life story to anyone waiting for the bus and continues it person to person until he gets to present time and finds out Jenny is only blocks away so he runs to her. When there he finds out he’s a father, and asks Jenny to move in with him. They marry, then Jenny’s past catches up with her and she dies, leaving Forrest to take care of his son Forrest Jr. In my opinion it was a very good movie with no filming mistakes or prop or set mistakes to be seen very good story and transitioning in it are well done. would change anything in it, do I think it could have been better? At the time I was watching it I thought that some scenes could have been shorter, but looking back at it I understand now that those scenes were longer to establish a character or an idea that will be very important later on. For example: Bubba’s character was put through great detail, which gave Forrest the idea for the Bubba-Gump shrimp company.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

star_wars_iv___a_new_hope___movie_poster_by_nei1b-d5t3cw9Princess Lia is captured while trying to get the tech specs for the Death Star to the Rebel Alliance. Then is saved by Obi-wan, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and Han Solo. Together they out run the Empire to bring the plans to the Rebels to find a weakness, the only one they can find is an exhaust port, which when going after they lose almost every ship they sent in, but they destroyed the Death Star. It was a good movie the only real problem I had was the transitions, the CG was good, acting was good, it was just the transitions. The everything else was good, then they put a lame transition it between scenes, when this was kind of a futuristic movie, they still could have had better transitions. Good acting, plot, characters, little to no mistakes while filming (Crossing the 180˚ line). They had a budget of 11,000,000 or $42,460,000 in today’s money, so they had the money to use to select different transitions, just saying.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana-Jones-RaidersIndiana Jones starts of trying to get a Mayan Idol, then goes overseas on a quest to find the legendary Ark of the Covenant (resting place of the Ten Commandments). In my opinion its a good movie with lots of action. But in today’s standards its still a good movie but a little dated, its being set back in WWII. Now that being said, he didn’t make a lot of mistakes while filming (crossing 180˚ line, not wasting camera shots, or small things like that) that I saw. There was a couple theoretical mistakes, when they went to open the Ark, one of two things should have happened; one they should have brought it back to Berlin to Hitler to open, for he ordered them to find it not to test it. And the other thing that should have happened was, if they were going to open it why not when the raised it from the well of souls to make sure they could stop looking. Still a good movie I think the best of this franchise, though that is just my opinion. Do I think it could have been better? Yes, I do, but this is a 1981 film, when action was just starting to pick up. But for this time period it it great.