Air Pro 3

Quality HD Video in an Action Cam With the iON Air Pro 3

Brian Teal

The Air Pro 3 Is amazing and I will tell you why it is because Waterproof to 49 feet in the stock casing so you could bring it anywhere and its and HD camera.  If we had a Air Pro 3 we could bring it games and stick it to poles to get a different angles. Some of the bad thing are Sound quality, Reset button size 323-C5-iON-POV-cam-SECONDARY , No removable battery

“Mounting accessories include a double-faced adhesive which is quite sticky, in order to mount the helmet mount, as well as a CamLOCK which consists of a helmet mount and a removable ball joint nut. Another common mounting option is a small tripod with legs that users can bend to wrap around objects, or to level out the camera on uneven terrains. We found our favorite way of using this mount was to place the iON on top of a soccer ball which provided a good elevation to view the action we were trying to record. We were also able to improvise and use zip ties to mount the iON onto a goal post for goalkeeper views of a soccer game.” 323-C5-iON-POV-cam-PRIMARY

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