Video Maker: Blocking People

Blocking People

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered how the actors get their movements down for that scene so well? How their movements seem almost natural? Well, there is a reason for that; The actors not only practice their lines, but they also practice how they move in the scene. This is called blocking. An example of this would be in any movie, but a good example would be in the famous scene from Reservoir Dogs, where Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) tortures this cop (Kirk Boltz). In this scene Mr. Blonde has his favorite radio station on and while it is on he actually dances. Dances while he does something so dark and sinister as torturing another human being. The scene is legendary for many reasons, but of course one of the biggest is the movements. If it wasn’t for Mr. Blonde’s swag filled dancing then it wouldn’t have given you the same feeling. All because of blocking.

I have learned that blocking is essential for scenes, without it the scene wouldn’t be the same, it would look far less natural and therefore it will look fake.- d.p.c

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